“Mondo Banana” returns to Italy in 2016

On January 9, “Mondo Banana” returns to Italy to screen as part of the 5th Intimate Lens Festival of Visual Ethnography in Maddaloni. The banana doc screens on Saturday, Jan 9, at 11am at the Maddaloni Public Library. For more information about Intimate Lens check out the festival website: http://www.intimatelensfestival.com/

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El Niño brings “Mondo Banana” back to the Bay Area in January 2016

Just in time for a record-breaking El Niño that threatens to drench California with much needed rain, “Mondo Banana” will return to the Bay Area to offer Northern Californians a little tropical sunshine and banana love. The banana documentary screens at 6pm on Tuesday, January 5 at the Bay Model in beautiful Sausalito, CA as part of the year-round programming of the Tiburon International Film Festival and the Tiburon Film Society. Come in out of the rain and take a journey to the world of bananas! For more information visit the Tiburon International Film Festival website.

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In October 2015 “Mondo Banana” screens in Taiwan, Serbia, and Finland

October 2015 is a busy month for the banana documentary!

On Monday, October 6 the film screens as part of the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival’s Change and Preservation program. The banana movie shows at the Wonderful Theater in Taipei at 2:30pm. For more information: http://www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw/ch/2015/index.html

Then, “Mondo Banana” heads to Belgrade, Serbia where it will participate in competition at the 24th International Festival of Ethnological Film – one of the oldest ethnographic film festival’s in the world. Director Ryan White will attend the festival to present the documentary, which screens at 4pm on Saturday, October 10 at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. Check out the festival’s website for more info: http://www.etnofilm.org

And, ending the busy month, “Mondo Banana” will screen in Helsinki, Finland as part of the Film Programme at 2015 Biennial Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society. The screening takes place on Wednesday, October 21 at 1:30pm.

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“Mondo Banana” to screen at the National Taiwan Museum for TIEFF 2015 debut

postcard-tieff2015On September 12, 2015, “Mondo Banana” will be screening as part of the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival’s 2015 debut at the National Taiwan Museum in Taipei.  The debut is in anticipation of TIEFF’s 2015 edition, to attract audiences to come out to the festival from October 2-6. “Mondo Banana” is one of two films playing at the debut. The banana doc is an official selection of TIEFF and will screen again during the festival at the Wonderful Theater in Taipei on October 6. For more information, please visit the TIEFF website – and check out the National Taiwan Museum.

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MONDO BANANA joins the Darwin Exhibition at Chapultepec Ecological Park in Mexico

From May 15-28, “Mondo Banana” will have 15 consecutive screenings during the Darwin Exhibition in Parque Ecológico Chapultepec in Cuernevaca, Mexico. The film is part of Cinema Planeta’s programming of films about evolution for the international exhibition, and each showing of the banana documentary will be followed by a Q&A with a local biodiversity expert.

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“Mondo Banana” returns to Montreal to help kickoff FIFEQ 2015

In preparation for the 2015 edition of the Festival international du film ethnographique du Québec – FIFEQ, SASU and FIFEQ Concordia will be hosting a free film screening of  “Mondo Banana”. The banana doc, which was one of the most popular films at FIFEQ 2014, will screen at the Concordia University Greenhouse at 5:30pm on Friday, March 6, 2015.

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Fall 2014 screenings of “Mondo Banana” in Mexico, Colombia, Estonia, and Malaysia

Next up, “Mondo Banana” heads to the National Art Museum in Mexico City for a free screening organized as part of Cinema Planeta’s ongoing environmental film programming throughout Mexico. The banana doc will open the Cinema Planeta’s Cinema Club program at MUNAL (the National Art Museum) at 3pm on Friday, September 5.

After that, “Mondo Banana” returns to Colombia where it will screen in competition as an Official Selection of the 2014 Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara (Barichara Green Film Festival) which runs September 17-21 in Barichara, Colombia – a mountain town and National Monument which the Colombian government has declared to be “The Most Beautiful Town in Colombia”. The film plays at 9pm on Thursday, September 18 in one of the town’s historic colonial-era chapels.

Switching continents, “Mondo Banana” then heads to Estonia where it will screen as part of the 12th Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival (Matsalu International Nature Film Festival) on Friday, September 19. The banana doc is part of the festival’s Mosaic Program at the Lihula Museum in Matsalu National Park.

In October, the documentary will have its Southeast Asian Premiere at the 2014 Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival in Malaysia. The festival runs October 17-19, screening time and date TBA.

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