Dancers prepare to go onstage at Thai banana festival

MONDO BANANA is a documentary about bananas. Whisking the viewer off on an international journey, from Helsinki to New Delhi to Guangzhou, the film explores the personal, cultural, and environmental importance of one of the world’s favorite fruits. Featuring an eclectic cast of people who have been touched by bananas, MONDO BANANA uncovers some of the extraordinary ways that humans interact with this remarkable fruit and explains why bananas matter to all of us.

Production of the documentary is underway – recent shoots in Thailand, China, and Finland have provided the majority of the footage collected so far. Next up is a trip to India in late December, to journey through the amazing array of Indian foods made from bananas and to explore the significance of bananas in Hinduism, where they are considered a holy fruit.

Early in 2011, the search will begin for a beautiful Southeast Asian spirit who lives in banana trees by day and devours the souls of men by night!

"Chinese Banana Farmer"

A banana farmer in China's Guangdong province gives the filmmaker a tour of his plantation.

MONDO BANANA is documentary filmmaker Ryan White’s second feature-length work (CAMP UNITY, his film about Iraqi youth, is currently making the rounds at film festivals). Production of MONDO BANANA will wrap in the Fall of 2011 and the film will be released in 2012.

As with most independent films, MONDO BANANA is a labor of love. So far, funding for the film has come from the generosity of people who believe in the film (through crowd funding efforts on under the film’s previous title “Captain Banana”) and from the pockets of those involved in making the film. If you’re interested in making a donation to MONDO BANANA on PayPal, simply click on the “make a donation” button in the tool bar. Everything helps – $10 would cover a lunch for the crew in India, $50 would pay for an evening’s accommodation in Singapore, $100 would cover a day of working with a local translator, and $500 would pay for a week in the editing room!

This blog will be updated regularly about the film’s progress and ways that people can get involved. So please stay tuned.


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  1. I’m excited to read about your progress and eager to see the final cut.


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