Getting there!

Eight months later and MONDO BANANA is more or less a completed film! Since you last heard from me, I’ve been editing away. Over the past few weeks, I’ve finalized the edit and I now officially have a “fine-cut” of the banana documentary. This means that while there could still be a few very minor trimmings and adjustments to the film, structurally the film is completed. Whew!

Of course, this doesn’t by any means indicate that the film is truly finished. There’s a slew of post-production activities that still need to happen – sound mixing, color grading, online editing, marketing, festival submissions, etc…….. BUT, it is a huge step forward and an enormous relief to be moving on to the next stage!

This is a really exciting time for the film because the end of the filmmaking process is in sight, and soon MONDO BANANA will be released upon the world! While working with sound and visual technicians to truly polish the documentary and prepare it for release, I will also be sending the film off to secure a premiere at one of the world’s top film festivals. Please keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!!!

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